Terms & Terminations


  1. A person eligible for membership is required to fill up the Membership Registration obtainable from the library counter and submit the same duly signed by the competent recommending authority wherever necessary to the Librarian for the enrollment as member of the Library.
  2. Each student member will be issued one Lending Card for borrowing books to home and using reference materials for the Reading Room respectively. There are certain guidelines required to be followed by the students.
  3. Students are not allowed in the Library without Library Card. Readers must maintain silence in the Reading Room and abide by the Rule of the Library.
  4. Use of Library Cards except the bonafide persons is strictly prohibited.
  5. Loss of Library Card must be reported to the Librarian and duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs. 30/-.
  6. Loss or damage of any library book requires replacement with current edition or deposit of an amount 3 times of the recorded price of the book whenever the particular book is unavailable in the market or out of print.

Borrowing Facilities:

Sl No. Types of Users Books Issue Period
1. Students (U.G.) with Hons. 2 30 Days
2. Students (U.G.) without Hons. 1 20 Days
4. Students (P.G.) 2 30 Days
5. Teaching Staff (Assist. Prof., Associate Prof., Professor) 15 60 Days
6. Teaching Staff(CWTT) 15 30 Days
7. Teaching Staff(PTT) 10 30 Days
8. Non Teaching Staff 5 30 Days
9. Guest  lecturer 3 30 Days
  • Day Issue: One book against the Library Card for one day issue borrowing only to be returned within same day.
  • Late return of book after the due time is liable for paying fine/overdue charge as per Rule.

Termination of Membership

  • Student members will have to surrender their membership cards at the time of filling up of forms for Final Semester End Examination. The Librarian will issue clearance certificate before the filling up of forms. Caution money will be returned on the production of clearance certificate from the Librarian to the effect that the books and cards have been returned to him/her.
    To terminate the membership of the Library a member will have to return all the books borrowed and his/her library card and apply to the Librarian for termination of membership.
  • In case of the staff member his/her membership will cease to exist on the date of his/her retirement from service, before which he/she will have to surrender all the books and Lending Cards. Accordingly, he/she will be issued clearance certificate.